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About MBAs For Africa

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

About Us

We are a young team of African business consultants and storytellers who deeply believe in Africa’s economic renaissance.

Why Work With Us

Are you an aspiring business leader with an unshakable passion for Africa? Someone who does not see Africa as a charity case; but instead sees through the multiple challenges, the opportunities that the continent offers to enterprise and to invest in scalable profitable businesses. If yes, we want to support you. Contact us if:

You Want to Enterprise or Invest in Africa

We provide content, tools and a network of peers and experts to help understand the economic landscape in Africa, and analyze specific business opportunities. Our growing library of resources include: business news and analysis, business plans and functional templates and tools.

You Want to optimize the operation of your Startups or SMEs

We support African entrepreneurs with exceptional African talent in the form of virtual assistants. We offer world-class ghost writing and blogging, social media management, market research and many more virtual services at a fraction of global prices.

About Our Founder

I am Serge Ouedraogo, the founder of MBAs For Africa. Since 2009, I have been an active promoter of investment and entrepreneurship in Africa as a blogger, investor and event organizer. As the co-organizer of the African Diaspora Investment Symposium and other such conferences, I have convene investors and entrepreneurs, in the diaspora, who are invested in the growth of the continent.

These experiences have reaffirmed the key role Africans in the diaspora can play in catapulting Africa's economic growth. Young Aficans in America, Europe and Asia have unique global perspectives, skills and capital to create and support the traditional and innovative businesses in Africa. I founded MBAs For Africa to offer to these individuals: (1) visibility and access to investment opportunities on the continent; (2) Access to community of peers, experts and support staff.

We must to realize and seize Africa's immense investment opportunities NOW or others (Chinese, Europeans and Americans) will in our stead. Africa is here, Africa is now. Join us and share it with a friend today!

Serge Ouedraogo


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