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Top 5 Agribusiness Ideas to try out in 2022

In approximately 2 months, 2021 will come to a close. It has been a bag of mixed fortunes for farmers across Africa. Despite challenging times associated with Covid-19 and the political upheavals in different countries, the agribusiness industry has remained steadfast in providing food for the continent. We project that going into 2022, the agribusiness sector will still be one of the most attractive sectors due to rising populations leading to a higher demand for food. With this in mind, we have compiled for you five agribusiness ideas that have the highest potential to succeed in 2022.

Macadamia nuts farming

The demand for macadamia nuts has grown exponentially in recent years, with South Africa and Kenya being two of the top producers, not just in Africa, but in the world too. The trees are native to Australia but have spread into other parts including Africa where farmers can earn an income by selling mature nuts locally or abroad. What is exciting about macadamia nuts farming is that they can grow well in most countries in Africa, not just Kenya and South Africa.

South Africa and Kenya exported macadamia nuts worth $172 million and $69 million in 2020 respectively. Trends across the year indicate that this value is likely to have increased due to increased production and resumption of travel after lifting many Covid measures that were hindering international commerce.

Avocado farming

Avocados are tasty fruits that offer both economic benefits and environmental sustainability. The Hass variety in particular, has been widely adopted by farmers in Africa. Fuerte variety is also growing in popularity. The export market is embracing Africa’s avocados, with the demand outstripping the current supply. This presents an opportunity for farmers in Africa to grow avocados for both the local and export markets. Currently, Kenya accounts for 28% of Africa’s output. It's followed by Rwanda at 20%, while South Africa produces 14%.

African farmers have all the right factors to support this industry. Apart from a readily available market, there is enough technical knowledge to support farmers. Inputs including quality seedlings, pesticides, and fertilizers are available to farmers in rural areas where much of this farming is practiced.

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Beef cattle farming

There will always be a demand for beef in Africa. The rising population of Africa and increasing purchasing power are just some of the two reasons why the demand for beef is projected to grow. There is a combination of factors that make beef farming an ideal niche to practice in 2022. Apart from demand, the ability of beef cattle breeds to do well even in dry harsh areas is admirable. Beef cattle breeds like Boran, Zebu, and Sahiwal can tolerate hot temperatures and tropical diseases and parasites and still offer profitability to farmers. These animals can also feed on low-quality pastures but still convert it into bodyweight efficiently. In the face of climate change, farmers require such hardy ideas that withstand changing weather patterns while still offering value and returns.

Dairy cattle farming

Milk is a vital part of the average diet. It contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to good health. The consumption of milk has been increasing steadily over the years. The current milk production may not be able to cater to the rising milk needs of households in Africa.

It is this ever-growing demand for milk that marks dairy cattle farming as one of the most lucrative opportunities you can consider in 2022. Already, there is enough technical knowledge on dairy farmers that you will easily be able to access. Many countries in Africa have also streamlined their dairy sectors, making it easy for farmers to benefit from dairy farming.

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Goat farming

Goat meat is the second most popular red meat after beef. There are many small-scale goat farmers in Africa who provide for this value chain. Goat farming is profitable because goats can feed exclusively on vegetation without necessarily needing to be supplemented with commercial feeds. African goat breeds like Galla are very hardy. They are tolerant to some common tropical diseases and parasites.

Goat farmers enjoy a widely available market for their mature animals. Other opportunities surrounding this niche include selling breeding stock to other farmers and carrying out goat meat value addition.

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